Pool Information

Welcome to the GoneFishing pool information page.

Pool information:
Connection URL/address: nosofish.xyz:8082
Pool Fee: 2% (Used to maintain pool server and pay associated operational costs).
Payout Interval: 48 blocks
Participant connection limit: 500
All participants submit equal shares regardless of hashing power
Pool Address: N3ESwXxCAR4jw3GVHgmKiX9zx1ojWEf

Support Channel: Nosocoin’s Discord Server

Setup Steps for earning Noso:

  • Download the latest version of Nosolite wallet from Github.com (here) . Wallet will generate a default address; you can generate as many addresses you need. You will need to use a wallet address in your PoPW software for earning Nosocoin.

  • Download a Noso compatible PoP app such as consominer2 for your OS and modify the configuration as follows replacing the address with your specific address from your Nosolite wallet CPU number to match your hardware hashlib to what’s best for your hardware test to False and the donate percentage you wish to contribute to the project.

Thank you for your support and happy earning!

If you would like to contribute to our hard-working Development Team please send donations to:

BTC: 3H1VzdL3QFQpc62DUhbtCFV5dG4K1yPwVB

NOSO: devteam_donations.

Check the MPS link below for additional information.